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Frequently Asked Questions

How many books can my child check out at a time?

Kindergarten students check out one book at a time. 1st-4th grades may check out two books at a time. During special class research projects, students may have more than two books. If a student does not return their book(s), they may not checkout until that book or books are returned. If the book is lost or damaged, payment should be remitted to continue checking out

How often does my child visit the library?

Students visit the library with their class. 2nd grade is on a 6-day rotation with a one-hour visit.  Kindergarten and 1st grades visit weekly for 30 minutes. 3rd and 4th grades visit weekly for 45 minutes.  If a student needs to visit the library in addition to their scheduled class time, their teacher may allow them to do so. The library is open during regular school hours unless otherwise posted.

What does my child do while their class is in the library?

Each class has a planned library lesson utilizing different curriculum areas - Library Skills Curriculum, Language Arts Frameworks, Science Frameworks, Social Studies Frameworks, National Ecomomics Standards, etc. Many lessons are created by collaboration between the librarian and the classroom teachers.

What do I do if my child lost or damaged their library book?

Students who have a lost or damaged book will receive a bill from the library. Payment may be made with check or cash. Checks should be payable to Vandergriff Elementary. A child's library record will be cleared once a payment is received. Lost or damaged books that are not cleared will remain on a student record and appear at any Fayetteville school they attend. If a lost book is found, please return for a refund. If we find a missing/lost book in the school, we will refund payment.  Please do not purchase the book for replacement - it will be ordered from a specific vendor to have a library-bound copy.

My child has a missing library book, but he/she does not even remember checking it out. What should we do?

Mistakes can be made and it is possible the book was returned without being checked in. Please send a note with your child and we will check the shelves again. We are able to look at their record and see what date and time the book was checked out. Some popular book "hiding" places include: the classroom, a special compartment of a backpack, brothers or sisters bedrooms, in the car, at the babysitter or afterschool care location, under the bed and in the closet.

Is it possible to see what books are in the library from our home computer?

Yes! Click on the Library Catalog button and you will be able to search by title, author and keyword for materials held in Fayetteville Public School libraries.

Does my child have access to library materials at other schools in the district?

That depends on the request for materials. Students must request library materials through our circulation desk (either the librarian or the library aide will actually do the request). If the student is requesting items from another elementary school, we can fill that request. If a student is making a request for material from a middle school, junior high or high school, we could send the request if the material is needed for a research project and if it is age appropriate. Sometimes schools are not able to fulfill requests if the materials are in use due to seasonal or curriculum needs.

I would like to volunteer in the library. Where do I sign up?

Parent volunteers are welcome in our library. We always need help during our fall and spring book fair. Please email, call or come by the library if you are interested in volunteering. Sometimes we don't have many tasks on hand that need a volunteer, but there are times that we need plenty of help!

I am cleaning out bookshelves and have a bunch of books that I would like to donate. Will the school library take them?

I would recommend that instead you offer them to the classroom teachers for their classroom libraries. Books in the library are specially ordered from library vendors and are called library bound so that they will be able to withstand numerous checkouts. We also have a Little Free Library on the west side of the building in the garden - donations to it are appreciated.

Can I recommend books for the library to purchase?

Absolutely. Just email the title, author and any other information about the book (like where you heard about it or saw it).