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The FPS Technology department will make every effort to move existing email and calendar items from Outlook exchange into Gmail + Google Calendar AND will keep a copy of the Outlook exchange mail to ensure no information is lost.


1. Will I have to change my email address?

No, once the transition takes place all fayar.net emails will be delivered to you in via Gmail.

2. What happens to my email if I am already switched and use g.fayar.net?

The emails currently in your mailbox should remain, additionally anything addresses to g.fayar.net will also deliver to your inbox.

3. What data is going to be brought over?

We plan on migrating emails, contacts and calendars. If we run into any issues moving these items then we will send further information.

4. What about the Outlook/Exchange public address book?

We plan on recreating the public address book inside of the Gmail suite.