Building Designees

If you have questions about whether your child needs special services of any kind, your primary point of contact should be your school's building designee.

Elementary Schools

Asbell Elementary: Melissa Noble
Butterfield Trail Elementary: Colleen Powell
Happy Hollow Elementary: Colleen Powell
Holcomb Elementary: Becky Williams
Owl Creek: Melissa Noble
Leverett Elementary: Melody Dostal
Root Elementary: Becky Williams
Vandergriff Elementary: Caroline McLeod
Washington Elementary: Jacquelyn Scalf

Middle Schools

Holt Middle School: Becky Williams
McNair Middle School: Colleen Powell
Owl Creek Middle School: Melissa Noble

Junior High Schools

Ramay Junior High: Hadley Williams
Woodland Junior High: Melody Dostal

Fayetteville High School

Fayetteville High School: Cassaundra (Cassy) Barnhill
ALLPS: Darrenlee Branch
Fayetteville Virtual Academy: Elizabeth Williams