Principal's Message
Welcome parents, students or browsing guest, we invite you to learn about Leverett Elementary School's accomplishments, exciting events and programs explained through this website. I am the principal, Cheryl Putnam. It is with great pride that I welcome you to this site and to our school. Leverett has approximately 300 students in grades Pre-K through fourth grade. We pride ourselves on our involvement in curriculum issues to find the best methods and materials to meet the needs of our students and our community. One of the most outstanding aspects of our school is that our parents and our teachers work together for the success of our children. Our teachers apply their skills and knowledge as professionals to offer their students the opportunity to become involved. Our parents participate in their children's education in a variety of ways. They take advantage of the back to school night (picnic), curriculum information nights, parent annual report, volunteer services, parent teacher conferences, international festival activities, Razorback parking, popcorn days and class parties. Our parents are also involved in their student's daily activities and support learning by assisting students with nightly homework. This gives parents the opportunity to keep posted on what is happening in the child's education. Enjoy browsing through our website. If you have any comments or questions, please e-mail us.
Cheryl Putnam